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The Genius of Sacred Music as Heard in Seven Musical “Onomatopoeias”
by Msgr. Charles Pope

There are times when music, including sacred music, has an onomatopoetic quality; they sound like what their words are describing. For example, there are songs that describe the crucifixion featuring hammer blows in the background, and songs about the resurrection and ascension that feature notes soaring up the scale.

Art and Liturgy - Cologne Cathedral - Gothic tracery

Art History for Normal People: Gothic

This edition of AHFNP, on Gothic art and architecture, is a very special one because it really was the inspiration for the whole series. Credit is due to my sister-in-law and GFOB [Great Friend of the Blog], Britny, who asked about Gothic architecture after attending the rededication of the exquisitely renovated St. Mary’s Church in David City, Nebraska.

I really did set out to write a short response, but realized it is hard to explain a movement without reference to what came before. So, Britny, sorry it took me almost a year and nine articles to actually answer your question.

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Art and Liturgy - Jacopo da Empoli Still Life

Still lifes aren’t garbage

This week we feature a guest post from Connor Breed of Potomac, Maryland Arlington, Virginia. In this post he responds to a scorching hot take recently posted in our friend-group’s Slack channel: “Still lifes are garbage.”

When a friend of mine recently declared that still life paintings were a dull and meaningless waste of his time, I considered it essential that I compose a defense on their behalf. Essentially, the argument hoisted by my Pittsburgher physics major buddy consisted of the following: Who really cares about flowers or a skull sitting on a desk? Couldn’t I just snap a photo of some trash on my iPhone and achieve the same effect? I can understand where he’s coming from, what with Pennsylvanians being all too familiar with garbage, but for his edification I will do my best to uphold the virtues of the Still Life genre.

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